Waste Plastic Recycling Machine -Genius- 3in1 Die-face Pelletizing Plant

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Waste Plastic Recycling Machine -Genius- 3in1 Die-face Pelletizing Plant
Specializes in waste plastic recycling machine, GENIUS MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1992, professional in waste plastic recycling machine production line equipment design and planning. It also has the best credential and experience in shredder machine, waste cleaning line, film recycling machine. We are not only selling our waste plastic recycling machine products in Taiwan, but also we export our product to China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Saudi-Arabia, in order to promote the excellent technology, reputation and quality which are exclusive features of Taiwan to the whole world.
Product Feature:

Drivetrain: High torque gearbox made with precision grinding. Low noise, steady and smooth operation. Low power consumption, high output.
Dedicated screw and barrel design: According to the characteristics of recycle materials, dedicated screw is designed to completely impurities such as water and bad air; the screw also has a variety of advantages, for examples, good mixing, good dispersion, high output, and others.
Die head pelletizing eliminates the labor cost on batter brace. No water tank. Consumes less space.
Extruder is equipped with pressure sensors. When there is excessive pressure, warning light or buzzer send notification for replacing filter screen. No need to shut down the machine when replacing the filter screen.
Single extruder suitable for cleaner material pellets such as injection leftovers, edge trim.

Post time: Oct-16-2017
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