Urban Management Take Dog & 10 Puppies away, China

We received a call telling us that a mother dog and her 10 puppies were living among building materials and debris and the mother dog was having to leave her babies while she went to find food for herself. In the afternoon the mother was confronted by an old woman and her son who tried to surround the dog. The dog panicked in fear and tried to push past the angry couple. In the process the dog caught the old woman’s leg with one of her claws. The old woman’s son threatened to kill the dog and her puppies but an animal lover stopped him.
Someone, in the meantime had called the Chengguan (Urban Management Bureau) who came to take the mother and puppies away. The old woman’s son shouted at the law-enforcement officers and asked them to put the mother dog and her babies to death.
By this time, a Guangyuan TV reporter was on the scene to record the incident and a crowd had formed. Many people sympathized with the dog family and were talking about the mother dog, how caring she was, comforting her babies by feeding them even when they were in a cage in the back of the Chengguan’s truck.
Our founder, Du Yufeng, immediately contacted the leader of the Chengguan who is very caring. Du told the leader she would take the mother and her puppies to our shelter where hopefully they will be adopted. The leader was very happy. We have a good relationship with our local government departments.
When Du, our worker Fan and volunteer Xaoling arrived at the department reception to complete paperwork, they could see the mother dog and her babies in the cage. The mother was understandably wary but let Du and our team take her and her babies to Du’s car.
Once at the shelter they were finally safe and warm! The mother was given a good meal before they all settled down for a peaceful sleep.
We need your help to look after these 11 new residents. Can you donate to help us please? You can donate on our website:-
Once old enough, all these puppies (and the mother too) will need a new home. If you would like to register your interest please contact us.
Thank you for your support.

Post time: Sep-13-2017
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