John Deere tractor – Tractor video for kids – Cartoon

Little-Known Facts About Tractors: Agriculture would not be what it is today without tractors. Farming completely changed from the moment tractors were introduced on the market. Without tractors, we would be short on food supplies. In the past, horses were the main force that dragged heavy things, but today farmers get to choose from wide range of implements used in farming, construction and other industrial workplaces. Tractor front end loaders feature greater lift height, heavy lift capacity and an attach system for implements that help get different agricultural tasks done quickly and more efficiently. If only need to mow a lawn, a mower will do the job, but for larger area a tractor slasher would be ideal. Here are some interesting and useful facts about tractors you probably didn’t know.

Deere & Company, the firm founded by John Deere, began to expand its range of equipment to include the tractor business in 1876. The Deere Company briefly experimented with building its own tractor models, the most successful of which was the Dain All-Wheel-Drive

I’m a tractor, farmer’s friend,
plough the fields until day’s end,
cut and rake and bale all day,
stack the big sheds full of hay.

Three point linkage at the back,
hook my tools on, hit the track,
ram in fence posts, straight and tall,
cart them on my carry-all.

Spray the crops so weeds don’t grow,
I can drive pumps, dig and sow,
see the smile on farmer’s face,
tractor helps him run the place.

Plough the paddocks, round and round,
watch the crops grow from the ground,
day is fading, close the gate,
good job, tractor – farmer’s mate!

Post time: Sep-30-2017
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