Force Fetch Using the Gibbons-West Method

Carol Ptak demonstrates how force fetch is taught using the Gibbons-West training method. Most force fetch techniques are very similar and their final aim is the same: having the dog master the hold and carry. The main differences in the Gibbons-West approach compared to more traditional methods are: (1) the bumper is placed directly in the dog’s mouth at the start; reaching for the bumper comes later, (2) it uses short firm tugs on the training collar (or very light e-collar stimulation) to “nag” the dog into complying; there are no ear pinches or toe loops in this method and no painful stimuli to the dog. Mastering the hold and carry is foundational, so back-chaining is used to reinforce that; in this way, by the end, the dog will be reliably retrieving the bird to hand. Music attribution: “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root.

Post time: Oct-25-2017
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